Never gets old when something blows up

And after the rockets calm
And the glimmer of fire
Portends an early dawn

We pinch at our skin
While we wonder how we
Escaped harm

RP Blog for a Czech Demoman attached to Mountain Lab.


[ The woman strides behind him, lips pressed together as they make their destination. The contraption, however, only has her squinting with a disgruntled groan. ]

… What exactly were you trying to do.

[ She kneels down beside the wick the flame had decided to cruise along. ]

It wasn’t red?

[ Oksar rolled his eyes, as though his experiment’s intended effect was completely obvious. ]

I found a book about some secret bomb technology the Greeks used to use. It was actually quite fascinating, the secret was so well-kept that no one knows even now what they were using. I aimed to fix that. They said that it continues burning on water - that is why those crates are there; I filled them with water - so I gathered some chemicals and mashed them together-

[ He performed an appropriate mime before his lengthy history lecture was abruptly ended by the hissing and spitting of the fuse, sending the boy hopping away in panic. ]

It was yellow before I came to get you. I tried stamping on it but that just melted the sole of my boot, and watering it did not help. I suppose that makes that part of the experiment a success!

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(6 answered here!)

7.) Hot or lukewarm shower?

Hot. Very hot. He needs the steam to open his pores (it makes shaving easier), and the heat softens his skin.

21.) What do they look for in a partner?

In men, Oskar has always liked people like himself - except maybe a bit taller. Cute fluffy-haired boys who blush a lot and have quiet voices make him go all fuzzy. In women, he has different tastes: short-haired goth girls whose faces are 10% metal and make him carry their bags and polish their platform boots. Not that he’d admit that, of course.

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9.) Least favourite feature about themself?

Oskar has no least favourite features. He is a bronze Adonis, sent from the heavens to destroy things in a very loud way and look really pretty while doing it.

22.) Greatest fear?

Being a bronze Adonis, Oskar obviously doesn’t like the idea of having anything happening to his beautiful face. But it’s deeper than that - the very thought of losing an arm, or an eye, or even a finger is absolutely terrifying; the lack of feeling, the absence of bits… 

(24 answered here!)

25.) What do they wear to bed?

High-quality silk pyjamas, the only item of clothing he owns that doesn’t stink of gunpowder. Well, they don’t always stink of gunpowder. 

11.) That one thing that will cheer them up no matter what?

As if you even need to ask.

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6, 17, 19, 24? ]]

6.) Ticklish spots?

Pretty much anywhere - being the youngest of a large group of siblings, Oskar was inevitably the loser of many a ticklefight. His scalp, inner arms and armpits are the obvious spots, but his kneecaps are also very sensitive.

17.) What position do they sleep in?

Ever since he stopped using sleeping pills, he’s always tucked a pillow under his arm and snuggled up to it, curling up into a ball with legs crossed. For some reason, it helps him sleep better.

19.) Best way to spend an afternoon?

Blowing things up, obviously. Other than that, Oskar’s afternoons are largely spent sunbathing - the slight yellow tinge the sun takes on during Mountain Lab afternoons makes him feel very cosy, and he likes to lie on the roof of the shack covering the second capture point. No one can bother him up there - without the sound of explosions, no one knows where he is to shout at him.

24.) Thoughts on betrayal?

Oskar is a mercenary - he has very little interest in loyalties other than towards his own purse. Besides, betrayal seems too melodramatic for someone who gets bored if something hasn’t scattered over a large area recently.

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Let’s Get Personal!


  1. Do they keep anything special under their pillow?
  2. Left shoe or right shoe first?
  3. Their reaction to heart break?
  4. Their favourite gemstone?
  5. A way to win their heart?
  6. Ticklish spot(s)?
  7. Hot or lukewarm shower?
  8. Favourite piece of clothing?
  9. Least favourite feature about themself?
  10. First thing they notice when meeting someone new?
  11. That one thing that will cheer them up no matter what?
  12.  Their reaction to being placed in a dress(if male)/suit(if female)?
  13. Boxers or briefs?(male) Panties or thong?(female)
  14. Their reaction to finding their hair another colour upon waking?
  15. Do they wash their hair or their body first?
  16. Shirt or pants, which is put on first? 
  17. What position do they sleep in?
  18. Hugs or kisses?
  19. Best way to spend an afternoon?
  20. Ideal date?
  21. What do they look for in a partner?
  22. Greatest fear?
  23. Most sensitive part of their body?
  24. Thoughts on betrayal?
  25. What do they wear to bed?
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[ She raises a finger, her mouth agape in distress, before her hand falls to follow the disappointment in her expression. When she spots him looking at his wrist—squinting before her a skeptical few blinks—the woman grunts. ]

Take me.

…To the spot.

[ Still not quite accustomed to the layout of the base from the other side of the battlefield, Oskar led his counterpart to the BLU fortress, skipping in a manner more panicked than childish past the steel girders and concrete rebars that made up the façade. ]


[ Squatting in the corner like a bulldog ready to pounce was a wooden crate, a red flame fizzing rapidly towards its wooden base. To the boy’s credit, he had apparently observed at least a few safety protocols - a pair of goggles sat on a nearby fencepost, and the area was cordoned off with what looked like duct tape. ]

Wait, it was not red when I started…

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Guard Duty

Over the years, Oskar has been prescribed various medications to help him wake up. Caffeine supplements, vitamin B tablets, all sorts of concoctions that would make even Dr. Fleischer nervous.

To date, the best remedy he had discovered was a concentrated package of fireworks attached to a very long fuse. If the apocalyptic bang didn’t rouse him, the pretty light show was sure to.

After tidying his dormitory - a brief affair that essentially involved kicking the debris under his bed and extinguishing the small fire that inevitably started on his bedspread - the Demoman padded bleary-eyed and smelling of gunsmoke to the shower block, emerging like a majestic butterfly an hour later; towel wrapped around his head in a superfluous turban, he dowsed himself in the amount of perfume necessary to fully mask the stench of gunpowder that clung to him like treacle to a blanket, applied the blusher necessary to hide the powder burns permanently etched onto his cheeks, and coiffured his hair ineptly.

So it was that E was roused by a distressingly loud knock on her door, approximately twenty minutes after the base’s night shift started. 

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tickingpipebombs replied to your post: Fighting at night? As if I needed more…

Is a lack’a sleep yer excuse for blowin’ up the base?

No, blowing up the base is my excuse for lack of sleep. That, and people who refuse to let sleeping dogs lie.

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Fighting at night? As if I needed more reasons to be losing sleep…

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It would be nice to reevaluate my opinion of America. So far all I have seen is deserts that go on for days and lots of mountains. I was not expected streets paved with gold, but…

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